P9: Heavy-fermion metals and Kondo criticality

M. Vojta, R. Bulla, P. Wölfle

The low-energy physics of heavy-fermion metals encompasses a variety of fascinating phenomena, including various types of symmetry breaking order, extremely low coherence scales, regimes of non-Fermi liquid behavior, and quantum phase transitions. In this project, we shall combine various routes of attack to model experimentally observed deviations from Femi-liquid behavior.

First, we want to investigate aspects of Kondo-breakdown or orbital-selective Mott transitions, critical Fermi surfaces, and the properties of the emerging non-Kondo phase. Second, we will use Fermi-liquid based approaches to study the influence of Lifshitz transitions, Zeeman splitting, and elevated temperatures on thermodynamic and transport properties. Third, we intend to systematically investigate the evolution of energy scales in heavy-fermion models with multiple distinct Kondo ions or multiple orbitals.