International Conference on Quantum Phase Transitions: Experiment and Theory

Lauterbad/Freudenstadt (Black Forrest, Germany) September, 15 - 19 2013

      • Venue: Waldhotel Zollernblick, Lauterbad
      • How to get there?
      • Conference schedule:
        • Sep 15: Arrival, Welcome Buffet at 18:00
        • Sep 16: Talks and Posters
        • Sep 17: Talks and Excursion
        • Sep 18: Talks and Conference Dinner
        • Sep 19: Departure
      • Scientific Program:
        Program (as of Sep 10) (pdf, 10 kB)
      • List of invited speakers:

        D. Aoki
        P. Coleman
        A. Mackenzie
        M. Metlitski
        S. Paschen
        C. Rüegg
        T. Senthil
        A. Tennant

        M. Aronson
        F. M. Grosche
        Y. Matsuda
        S. Nakatsuji
        F. Ronning
        J. Schmalian
        Q. Si
        J. Thompson

        D. Belitz
        A. Huxley
        M. B. Maple
        Y. Onuki
        H. M. Ronnow
        A. Schofield
        P. Strack
        A. de Visser